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01 | About

Lucia Szabova is a singer, mezzosoprano, based in Copenhagen where she is completing her Master voice studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. During her studies she has created a concert duo with talented pianist Nikolaus von Bemberg (GER) which performs under the name Lucia & Nikolaus focusing on romantic and contemporary song cycles.  She is the founder of the artistic group Troubadours21 (Nadia Okrusko / piano, Karolina Bengtsson - soprano, Jędrzej Łagodziński - tenor saxophon), who are performing her author experimental  author play Abstract Love. Lucia is using her author poems and poetical texts with various instruments and sets, looking for a new language of expression and color of sound. Interested in stage directing her live concerts are combination of music, improvisation, drama and movement. 


Besides concert houses Lucia can be spotted in various underground and jazz clubs reading and singing her poems accompanied by melodica or another untraditional instrument.

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